Avaler+ Assessment of energy efficiency and sustainability in urban water systems

Urban water systems need energy for collecting, transport, pumping, treating and reusing water. In Europe, the energy required to collect and transport, pump and treat represents 2.6% of electricity consumption, which might seem low, but it represents 30-40% of municipal energy bills. Therefore, efficient water management and energy efficiency measures can significantly contribute to energy savings, helping to achieve Europe’s 2020 energy efficiency targets.

Avaler+ aims at developing a clear, comprehensive and straightforward application framework for assessing energy performance in drinking water supply systems, wastewater, and rainwater systems. This framework will support participating utilities in diagnosis,  decision-making and monitoring the impact of energy efficiency measures.

The application of the framework  in diagnosis,  decision-making and monitoring the impact of energy efficiency measures is currently being tested in 13 Portuguese drinking water and wastewater utilities. These 13 utilities are responsible for 17% of energy consumption for the operation of urban water systems in Portugal in 2017.

Proposed framework will empower water utilities in self-assessment of energy efficiency and monitoring progress through a comparable and standardized assessment system. As a result, urban water utilities will improve the return on energy efficiency measures and economic sustainability. The project results will contribute to the fulfilment of energy efficiency and renewable energies and climate goals.

Year: 2018-2021

Coodinator: LNEC

Partners: IST

Participating utilities: Águas da Covilhã, Águas da Figueira/Aquapor, Águas da Santarém, Águas da Serra/AGS, Águas de Coimbra, Águas do Norte, Águas do Sado, CM Barreiro, Inframoura, INOVA, SMAS de Almada, SMAS de Leiria,  Tratave

Funding: Portuguese Innovation Support Fund (FAI)